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20 Juni 2006

Schwarz-Rot Gelb bis heute Abend jedenfalls!

Yesterday, as a full-throated roar from hundreds of thousands of German football fans around the Brandenburg Gate, it signified something completely different. It was evidence that Germany was finally shrugging off the legacy of National Socialism and becoming a normal nation once more.

Not since the Third Reich has there been such a public outpouring of national pride, though this bears no comparison to the stage management of the Nazis.

After 60 years of inhibition and embarrassment, the national colours of black, red and gold are fluttering from every windowsill and car, shrouding brothels, town halls and high-speed trains.

In the television departments of supermarkets, men with tears in their eyes belt out the national anthem and the shop attendants join in. Young women are buying black-red-gold underwear so that every time a goal is scored they can raise their skirts and flash the flag. ...Some commentators have described this wave of patriotism as a cathartic moment. Others compare it with the impact on Britain of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Then, the British learnt to cry in public. Now, the Germans are learning to love themselves.

Perhaps the most startling development of the past fortnight is that Germans return smiles on the street — and not just because of a governmentsponsored Friendship campaign.

Orders for polyester German flags have overwhelmed German manufacturers and the Chinese factories where most are made. Normally German businessmen would be complaining about the poor quality of the Chinese competition but it has all been taken with good humour. Even Angela Merkel, the frequently dour Chancellor, has been caught up in the festival mood, loudly cheering the home side against Poland.

Will the euphoria survive after the final on July 9? One striking aspect of Germany’s football-inspired patriotism has been the number of immigrants openly supporting the national team. Turks talk about the German players as “our boys”. During the Angola/ Portugal game, German fans chanted: “Stand up if you’re German!” Ten thousand Angolans promptly did so.

  • Briten sehen es überhöht und zutiefst patriotisch. Ich glaube ncht, dass Deutschland in einen Diana Wahn gefallen ist, aber wir könnten mit unserem Flaggenzirkus alle anstecken.

http://bodowuensch.blogspot.com Ich bin Schwarz-Rot-Gold!

  • Die Selbstinszenierung und Eigendarstellung kann heute wieder neue Blüten treiben. Der eigenen Phantasie sind da kaum Grenzen gesetzt.
  • Bei den Teenies entscheidet aber eher das Styling, welche Nation trendig ist - Schwarz Rot Gelb ist da eher langweilig. Folgen wir der Jugend, dann sucht Deutschland demnächst die Superflagge.
  • Folgen wir der Party Jugend, dann will Deutschland nur eines: Feiern sich selbst und mit anderen. Da werden schon mal Straßen nachts blockiert und der "grün weiße Partybus" zum Mitfeiern eingeladen.
  • Was ist daran deutsch? Was normal? Was andauernd?

  • Für mich erscheint es eine von der FIFA organisierte Party, von der vor allen Dingen einer profitiert: die FIFA.

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